The National High School Sports Medicine Association Is Here!

In June 2007, The National Honor Society of Sports Medicine was founded by Eli Hallak ATC (St. Francis High School, La Canada) and Cindy Kramer ATC (Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks). The goal of this organization is to "Create enthusiasm for scholarship in the area of sports medicine and other fields directly related to sports medicine, to stimulate a desire to render service in the community, to promote leadership, and to assist in the development of character in the students of secondary schools".

We along with the 60+ chapters across the nation invite you to join us build the first secondary schools healthcare honor society in the nation. We are looking for schools interested in becoming members of the NHSSM. This is an opportunity to help build something that can last a lifetime and help others realize their future.

August 2016-In an effort to further the ideals of the NHSSM, the National High School Sports Medicine Association was founded.  The NHSSMA will further enhance a high schools students experience in the field of sports medicine. With the same  ideals and goals of the original organization, the new NHSSM-NHSSMA is a natural progression for the future of high school sports medicine programs and their students. 

For further information about the NHSSM-NHSSMA , please contact us. Or go to their website

We look forward to working with you and watching this great organization flourish.


Eli Hallak - ATC, EMT
Co-Founder NHSSM

Cindy Kramer - ATC, CSCS
Co-Founder NHSSM