WCTSMA Test Standard References

Team Scoring Explanation - Information on how final varsity team scores are determined. 

Varsity Team Scores are made up of 14 students scores combining their general test and their Subject Tests

Sports Medicine Test Information: Sample Written Questions

All students will take the written test as either Varsity or JV.  All WCTSMA tests will incorporate the domains/competencies of athletic training according to the WCTSMA frameworks. The written portion of the exam will be given at two (2) different times during the symposium/competition. Each test will have a value of 100 points and will be a 5 answer multiple choice.

Standardized list of textbooks referenced in written exams:

  • Principles of Athletic Training, Arnheim

  • Fundamentals of Sports Injury Management

  • Physical Examination of the Spine and Extremities, Hoppenfeld

  • Essentials of Athletic Training, Arnheim

  • Athletic Injuries, Booher

  • ACE Personal Training Manual 5th Edition

Oral Practical Exam

Sample Oral Practical, Oral Practical Supply List

Up to 6 students will take one (1) oral practical exam containing 3-5 tasks. One half will take the oral practical during the first written test and the other half will take the oral practical during the second written test. The writer of the exam will list the criteria, which will be reviewed in an O-P Proctor meeting prior to the test, with assigned point values to allow easy grading by the proctor. Each test will be worth 50 points possible. The score will be doubled to give a number correct out of 100 points. Each room’s oral-practical testing team will consist of: An allied Health Care Professional, Model, and Walker.

Additional Varsity Categories: Up to 2 students from each team can compete in the other varsity testing categories for a total of 8 students.

 Other competition standards: