WCTSMA completes Joint Officer Training at Black Lake

Sunday May 19, 2019, your newly appointed State Officer team reported for Joint Officer Training at Black Lake Bible Camp. Your 12 member student board along with 5 BOD advisors prepared for the upcoming 2019-20 CTSO year. Look for some exciting changes within the student board and at WCTSMA activities.

Your student board received valuable training with TRI-Leadership for 2 complete days. Look for new workshop activities at State as one of the innovations your student board has implemented already. Improving communications was a huge issue tackled over the 3 days of training. New student board positions were established to pursue better regional work in this area.

The BOD hashed out big changes to State activities using feedback from instructor and student responses. An update was sent to program directors around the state mapping out changes for 2019-20.

Plans are already in the works for Fall and Winter Leadership. Your State Officer Board will make their debut October 6, 2019 at Century Link Field leading activities for Fall Leadership. Hope to see everyone there for the new improved show!